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How does Oxidize It™ work? It infuses the cold water running into your household with nature’s most powerful cleaning agents.



Oxidize It™ is a path breaking detergent-less, non-chemical product. We have a list of all the key benefits associated with Oxidize It™.



Save Money with Oxidize It™. In its estimated life span of 10 years, you could potentially save thousands of dollars!



Scientific Report Examines Oxidize It™ Technology, and explains how oxidation does work to remove stains from laundry.


Oxidize It

Detergent-Less Laundry System

Oxidize It is a detergent-less laundry system that converts water into pawerful non-toxic oxidizing cleansing agents. Oxidize It detergent-less laundry solution is guaranteed to improve the performance of your washing machine.

  • No need to sort clothes by darks and lights, whites and colors, due to the elimination of hot water
  • Clothes will feel softer and more fluffy, since soap is not left behind on fabric
  • Fabric life is extended
  • Requires no detergent, bleach or softeners
  • Installation is easy and takes minutes
  • Rinse cycle works as a second wash cycle
  • Uses an advanced Oxidation System many hospitals and hotels have used for years
  • Works on top-loaders, front-loaders, and high efficiency systems
  • 2-year warranty

Why Filter Your Water?

The RO-Pure water filtration system provides you with water that exceeds the quality of most bottled water, at a fraction of the price and eliminates the inconvenience of heavy bottles and containers. This process puts the bottling plant right at your kitchen. Our filters turn your tap water into an efficient source of great tasting, clean water. Many things can affect the quality and purity of well and municipal water such as water usage, temperature, and even weather. Household plumbing can also introduce contaminants such as rust and lead into your tap water. The RO-Pure water filtration system can alleviate these effects by providing a consistent level of filtration, giving you high quality water at a reasonable price.

Four-Step Water Purification Reduces the Tiniest Contaminants

•  5-micron Sediment Pre-Filter traps particulate matter like dirt, rust and silt that will affect the taste and appearance of your water.

•  5-micron Carbon Block Pre-Filter reduces chloramines, chlorine as well as unpleasant taste and odors.

•  RO Membrane removes up to 96 percent of dissolved solids and up to 99.9 percent of cysts, bacteria, and viruses. This step is the heart of the reverse osmosis technology. This 50-gallon per day semi permeable membrane will effectively reduce total dissolved solids (TDS), sodium and a wide range of contaminants such as lead, arsenic, perchlorate, chromium, copper and radium. It will also remove over 99.95 percent of cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The larger production membrane of this state of the art system has been designed to reduce nitrates and nitrites from your drinking water.

Carbon Post-Filter for final “polishing” of drinking water.

Residential & Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

No matter what your water problem is with your city or well water, Pure Water Consultant’s Products has a solution. We offer a complete line of professional series water treatment systems and components to a national network of independent water professional dealers
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VIVREAU uses a sub-micron activated carbon block filter. Thislter allows us to remove over 99% of contaminants while leaving the minerals intact. VIVREAU has eliminated the need for UV sterilization. We use higher quality carbon lters that will remove anything that UV would kill. By doing this we not only reduce the amount of electricity consumed, but we also reduce the amount of stainless steel that needs to be manufactured to build our system, which also reduces our carbon footprint. UV will also become less e ective over time and could allow bacteria or cysts to pass through whereas the VIVREAU lter will not.

VIVREAU does not utilize Reverse Osmosis for two main reasons:
1. The process strips the water of everything including the natural minerals that we prefer to leave in the water.

2. The process also wastes water; for every liter produced another liter is washed down the drain.

Vivreau V-Tap products also work well to enhance your bar and entertainment areas by providing a unique and elegant addition to the home.

V1 Tap


Utilizing the very latest advances in touch control technology, the new VIVREAU Vi tap dispenser incorporates a contemporary style touch-pad user interface. The Vi tap system connects to local water lines and utilizes advanced micro-filtration before dispensing boiling, still or sparkling chilled water at the touch of a button.

VIVREAU is proud to continue to be the innovator and industry leader in terms of design and engineering in the alternative bottled water category.

  • High performance, ice bank refrigeration technology
  • Delivers up to 80 liters of chilled water per hour
  • High spec boiler dispenses up to 3-4 cups of hot water per minute
  • Energy efficient sleep mode
  • Safety hot buttons

Due to the fact that the equipment is installed in component part form, there are varying configurations for installation. As a guideline, a cupboard to the following dimensions will be sufficient:

  • Length 2’6
  • Depth 2’
  • Height 2’10”

As the originators of the On-Site Bottling System 25 years ago, VIVREAU has proudly been helping leading Fortune 500 companies, hotels, conference centers and restaurants become more sustainable by enabling them to offer their ‘own’ limitless, chilled, advanced micro-filtered sparkling and still water in reusable designer glass bottles.

Simply Made For A Pure Home.

Pure Water Consultants provides top shelf water filtration for personal and commercial use.