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Oxidize It

Detergent-Less Laundry System

Oxidize It is a detergent-less laundry system that converts water into pawerful non-toxic oxidizing cleansing agents. Oxidize It detergent-less laundry solution is guaranteed to improve the performance of your washing machine.

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  • No need to sort clothes by darks and lights, whites and colors, due to the elimination of hot water
  • Clothes will feel softer and more fluffy, since soap is not left behind on fabric
  • Fabric life is extended
  • Requires no detergent, bleach or softeners
  • Installation is easy and takes minutes
  • Rinse cycle works as a second wash cycle
  • Uses an advanced Oxidation System many hospitals and hotels have used for years
  • Works on top-loaders, front-loaders, and high efficiency systems
  • 5-year warranty

What Makes Us Special

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How does Oxidize It™ work? It infuses the cold water running into your household with nature’s most powerful cleaning agents.

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Oxidize It™ is a path breaking detergent-less, non-chemical product. We have a list of all the key benefits associated with Oxidize It™.

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Save Money with Oxidize It™. In its estimated life span of 10 years, you could potentially save thousands of dollars!

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Scientific Report Examines Oxidize It™ Technology, and explains how oxidation does work to remove stains from laundry.

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